About Casa Villar

Casa Villar, acting since 1989 under the corporate name Fernando Villar Consultoria em Informática, guided the IT area installation or reengineering for diverse companies. It has created systems in the following areas: administrative, financial, civil construction cost and workmanships control, textile wiring, health care, wholesale and retail.

Since 2004 using Ironspeed Designer and MS SQL Server & Reporting Services has developed enterprise systems (some colaborating with existing ERP):

  • Textiles Expedition, Production Planning and Control
  • Building and industrial maintenance for Leankeep (www.leankeep.com)
  • Hosting management system for Hostweb (www.hostweb.com.br)
  • Reports Portal for FCRS College and Leite Maranguape Industry
  • MySchool small schools management system.


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